Carol took a circuitous route to botanical art. A one-time draftsman, surveyor’s cartographer, and tractor-trailer driver all were steps along the trail that contribute to her work in the field and studio.

A freelancer for over 25 years, Carol's main obsession has always been orchids, but rare wildflowers, heirloom fruits and other interesting plants are fair game. Living in the Hudson Valley provides perfect opportunities for exploring plant diversity. Her artwork has been exhibited and collected around the world. Among recent venues are the Museo della Grafica, Pisa, Italy; Jonathan Cooper Gallery, London; Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC; Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew, UK: UBS Galleries and Newhouse Galleries in New York; and the Marciana Library, Venice, Italy. In 1995 she received a Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society for her watercolors of Paphiopedilum orchids, and was the recipient of the 1998 “Bouchier ASBA Award for Excellence” from the American Society of Botanical Artists. In 2013 she received the first Lankester Award for Orchid Art in Cartago, Costa Rica and in 2016, the Orchid Digest Medal of Honor.




Carol's work appears in many of Dr. Shirley Sherwood’s books, including Treasures of Botanical Art, in "Curtis’s Botanical Magazine", and most recently in Phillip Cribb and Christopher Purver's monograph Slipper Orchids of the Tropical Americas. This first-ever formal treatment of the genera Phragmipedium, Mexipedium and Selenipedium can be ordered here: https://www.castlepress.net/orchids

Having served on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Botanical Artists, she is now its Director of Exhibitions, curating and coordinating exhibitions throughout the US. She is co-editing a book on techniques of botanical art with Robin A. Jess for the American Society of Botanical Artists. Her work was included in Phaidon's book Plant, a collection of over 300 botanical works of art in all media throughout history. She teaches workshops around the country devoted to techniques of watercolor painting on vellum, and is represented by Susan Frei Nathan Fine Works on Paper.