Work begins for the 2018 exhibition in the Netherlands "Journey of Plants"

 Painting for Journey of Plants - Museum De Buitenplaats, Netherlands

Each artist in the exhibition has selected 10 plants as their contribution toward the exhibition. These should illustrate how plants have traveled around the world, and some may be things that are special to you right where you live. I've chosen:

  • Sunflower - Helianthus annuus
  • Blueberries - Vaccinium corymbosum
  • Potatoes - Solanum tuberosum
  • Corn - Zea mays
  • Vanilla - Vanilla planifolia
  • Hops - Humulus lupulus
  • Three-birds Orchid - Triphora trianthophora
  • Twisted Trillium - Trillium stamineum
  • Paw Paw - Asimina triloba
  • Ram's Head Lady's Slipper - Cypripedium arietinum

This is the start of my Vanilla orchid painting on a piece of Rory McEwen's vellum. It was studied at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA with the help of Brandon Tam. Artists included are Beverly Allen, Australia; Helen Allen, UK; Mieko Ishikawa, Japan; Jee-Yeon Koo, Korea; Vicky Thomas, South Africa, Anita Walsmit-Sachs, Netherlands, and myself, representing the Americas.